Scottish Swimming National Squad Programme

Scottish Swimming run a National Squad Programme with a selection policy and selection times.  Swimmers are able to attain three different levels at certain ages as outlined in the policy document.

Swimmers have to achieve certain times (as outlined in the selection policy) in order to qualify for any of the National squads.  These times are based on achievement at British level and are set by Scottish Swimming.   They may vary from year to year.   There are different times both SC & LC depending on age and gender and the times must be achieved at an accredited Gala.  These galas are level 1 and level 2 licensed meets and are normally National, District or Open meets, although graded meets may be accredited if they are level 2. The license level is normally featured on the meet information that is sent out.

Qualifying times can only be achieved during specified time windows, which differ depending on the level of squad.  Times achieved or recorded outside this timeframe will not be considered

It is also widely recognised that the best elite swimmers have a multi-event aerobic capability and in order to promote this, swimmers need to achieve qualifying times in a minimum of 2 events @ @200m or above (i.e. 200m 400m 800m or 1500m events in a variety of strokes) NB this changes according to age and level you should refer to the table listed in the selection policy.

In addition to achieving qualifying times, a swimmers mind-set is an important part of DRP, as Scottish Swimming is looking for athletes to have a growth mind-set rather that a fixed mind-set.  There is a lot of literature on this and if would like to read about it in detail (Google Carol Dweck mind-set.)   In short it means that those who rise to challenges technically, physically, competitively and personally, who overcome setbacks, take negative feedback and take ownership have a growth mind-set.  Those who don’t may have a fixed mind-set.

For further information, see the links below to DRP times and selection process.

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