Club Squad Criteria

Goal  physical development & peak strength development

Coaching Objectives

        Build aerobic capacity

        Work differing energy systems and intensities

        Physical development

        Land work

        Skill acquisition

        Competition preparation (optional)

        Fine tune skills


A maximum of 5 Sessions are available from the Junior Potential sessions.  These can be water only or a mixture of water & land sessions.   During the summer timetable Club Squad train on a Monday night at GOP.  A core session is available on a Tuesday evening at the Waterfront during the winter timetable. 


        Ability to swim 4 strokes

        Be able to swim various distances and events in all strokes

        Demonstrate pace awareness

        Understand warm up and swim down protocols

        Ensure that pre and post pool stretching and flexibility are part of your warm up and swim down

        Understand injury prevention methods

        Participate in team competitions if you are selected

         Compete at appropriate meets (not compulsory)

        Nutrition and hydration education


Final decision at the discretion of the coach