Club Start

Goals –  Introduction to Club swimming, Fundamentals, skill aquisition


Coaching objectives

  • Basic movement Literacy – balance, gliding, kicking, agility and breathing
  • Control of large muscle groups (gross movement)
  • 4 stroke development
  • Lane discipline
  • Simple rules of swimming
  • Dives

Sessions available – 2 x 1 hour sessions



  • Swim 1 length of 2 strokes competently
  • Be able to kick with or without a float
  • Be able to submerge and kick underwater

Final decision is at the discretion of the coaches.


The transition from swimming lessons to Club swimming can sometimes be challenging due to certain factors such as age and ability.  Club Start was set up to help create a smoother transition into the club.  It also acts as a holding squad if the membership is full.  You can remain in this Squad until coaches decide to move you or a space becomes available in another Squad.  All moves are at the discretion of coaches.