Junior Potential (J.P.)

Goal – Competitive physical development peak strength development

Compete at a high standard including District and National Events

Coaching Objectives

  • Build aerobic capacity
  • Work differing energy systems and intensities
  • Physical development
  • Land program
  • Skill acquisition
  • Competition preparation
  • Tactical preparation (race plan)
  • Liaising with other agencies/coaches
  • Fine tune skills


Sessions available – 6 x 1.5 hour sessions + 2 x Land sessions = 2.5 hours (winter)

5 x 1.5 hour sessions 1 x 2 hour session + 2 x Land sessions = 2.5 hours (summer)



  • Ability to swim 4 strokes at a high standard in competition
  • Be able to swim various distances and events in all strokes
  • Demonstrate pace awareness
  • Understand warm up and swim down protocols
  • Ensure that pre and post pool stretching and flexibility are part of your warm up and swim down
  • Understand injury prevention methods
  • Participate in team competitions if you are selected
  • Must be competing at an appropriate standard of meets
  • Awareness of Scottish and District programs, meets and consideration times
  • Nutrition and hydration education
  • Represent the club at National and District programs, courses & training events when required to
  • Have a growth mindset

Club Squad is an option should your personal circumstances change or if you no longer wish to compete. If coaches feel that not enough sessions are attended on a regular basis including mornings then you may be asked to move to Club Squad as an alternative.

Final decision at the discretion of the coach